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03 Aug 2016

How to start a Internet Business?

Do you want to start an Online Presence?

There are proven methods that are available online to start your online business. We will introduce the steps that you need to point you in the right direction to get your business online. Get started with building your internet business now.

The Step's you need to know to get started!

Getting online is easier than you think!

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Purchase a Domain Name
Find a website address or also known as a Domain Name. Now, you’re probably asking how do it search for one or register one? That’s as easy as a simple search. If you’re ready, you can search for a domain name here. Please make sure the domain name is short, sweet and easy to remember. In example; www.yourname.com not something like www.your-name-company.com as this is to long.
*If you know the domain name you want and you know it’s available jump to the next step. All of our hosting packages provide a free domain name.
Purchase Website Hosting
The next step is to order website hosting. Website Hosting is a location on the internet that houses your website files for the world to see. Check out our available hosting plan’s. We recommend using WordPress which is an easy to use content management system that allows to you update and build your website with minimal technical knowledge. If you want to be able to update content a little easier, try using a plugin like Visual Composer a front page editor tool. This will allow you to use pre-made templates and a bunch of features that a developer would normally have to build, you get right out of the box.
Website Setup & Configuration
Once a domain name is ordered and your hosting is setup. The next step is building a logo, website content and setting up WordPress. Try this easy to use WordPress Configuration guide How to configure WordPress. When you purchase our WordPress hosting the installation part is already done for you. If you need assistance, we can definitely guide you in the right direction.
(Optional) – E-Commerce and Payment Gateway Setup
Selling online is easier than you think! WordPress has a plugin that can be used called WooCommerce9(This can be insstalled via the plugin interface within WordPress). It’s quite an extensive plugin that works out of the box and has an easy to use configuration wizard. This is only needed if you wish to sell online and accept payments using a payment company like PayPal or Stripe.com click on either one to start the sign up process.
(Optional) – SEO & Social Media
 The next step is SEO and Social Media which is really important to reach your customers. Start signing up for things like a Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest Pages. Social Media is one of the best avenues to drive more traffic to your site. Now you can also submit your site address to the following search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more. We’ve done the work for you by listing the links below to allow you to submit them on your own.
Submit your web address to these site:
Bank Account and Business Registration (Required for online payments)
First you will need to register your business with your government. If you’re in the United States, please review the How to setup an EIN or referred to as Employer Identification number. This is required when opening a business bank account and online payment processors require an EIN to process payments. It depends by state, but most states require you to register for a fictitious name or doing business as an entity. The EIN registration is quick and easy for those starting a business in the United States. Register for an EIN now at EIN Registration.


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