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If dedicated isn’t for you, please take a look at our Virtual Private Servers

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Dedicated Server Solutions

Cloud Space Hosting Dedicated Servers are the next step in the hosting evolution that comes with performance, security and quality.

Our dedicated servers  offer you “twice the hardware” for less than you’d expect.

GUESS WHAT! We’ve upgraded our plans with more RAM and Storage.

We offer all major hosting control panels to just standard linux/windows builds. We offer all Plesk panels along with cPanel if you prefer it.

Solid State Drives offer nearly minimal load times due the lack of spinning parts like traditional hard drives. We offer SSD on most of our dedicated server plans which includes the option to upgrade. That way you can retrieve your data faster.

Need a KVM to grow and manage your virtual environment? We offer KVM equipment to manage and monitor as if you’re right in front the server yourself.

We use the latest Multicore CPU’s available from Core I7’s to faster Xeon type server processors. We also offer security appliance level security if you need it. For example; Juniper style routers. 

The other guys charge for internet bandwidth. Cloud Space hosting offers VPS Hosting that gives you unlimited and lightening fast speeds that many other hosting company can’t offer today.

Fast and Reliable server provision with in seconds. New servers take up to 24 hours to build.

Extreme Dedicated Server Solutions


Cloud Space Hosting offers some of the largest dedicated servers on the internet that’ll save you more.

Our dedicated servers offer you “extreme horse power” for less than you’d expect.





Single CPU, Multiple Cores (Intel Xeon E3)
Intel Core i7 3930K or 4930K 2 X (6 x 3220 GHz) 12 CPUs 128 GB any combination of SSD/HDDs available 1 Mbit (1Gbit Optional)    (Regular Price $399)   (NO SETUP FEE)  DISCOUNT AUTOMATIC $279
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2 x Intel Xeon E5 2620V2 2 x (10 x 2.10 GHz) 20 CPUs 256 GB REG ECC any combination of SSD/HDDs available 1 Gbit    Unlimited Traffic (Regular Price $599)   (NO SETUP FEE) DISCOUNT AUTOMATIC $419
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